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Field Services  

To report potholes, downed trees, dead animals or other road issues, please contact Field Services through the Call Center at 678-512-3200, or email , or fill out an online Service Request form.

road patching


Field Services is responsible for maintaining some of the City's most important assets, including roads, bridges, drainage structures and right-of-way. Available 24/7 to handle any road-related issue that arises, Field Services staff members strive to provide the safest and best maintained roads and right-of-way in the state.

  • Roadways and Bridges
    There are approximately 252 miles of City-owned and maintained roadways – and 20 bridges – in Johns Creek. The maintenance and upkeep of these roads and bridges are essential for the safety of those who live or work in the City, or are passing through to other cities in Metro-Atlanta.

    Some of the road and bridge maintenance activities performed are:  pothole repair, sidewalk and curb reconstruction, debris removal from under bridges, and pavement reconstruction.

  • Drainage Structures
    Proper maintenance of drainage structures allows the flow of stormwater to state waterways by open channels (ditches, streams, swales), storm drain pipes, drainage boxes (catch basins, drop inlets), detention basins, retention ponds, wetlands, outfalls, and treatment structures.

    Review our Stormwater Maintenance Policy for more information.

  • Right-of-way Maintenance
    Keeping the city's right-of-way safe, accessible and well maintained to create an attractive appearance involves tree trimming, grass cutting, and litter pick-up services.

pipe repair

Emergency Response

Field Services responds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to emergencies that occur on City-owned roads and within right-of-way such as flooding, icing, and obstructions (downed trees, dead animals, sink holes).

Emergency field or road service calls should be directed to the Johns Creek Call Center at 678-512-3200, or email at .

Other Services

Field Services also:
  • Manages construction services for transportation projects shown in the Public Works CIP (Capital Improvement Program) map.
  • Maintains an inventory of all roads and right-of-way infrastructure.
  • Manages the resurfacing program for the City.