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Commendation / Complaint  

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12000 Findley Road, Suite 380, Johns Creek, GA 30097
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The Johns Creek Fire Department encourages commendations for personnel who perform their duties admirably.

Commendations can consist of an appreciative phone call to the employee's supervisor, a formal award presented by the Fire Chief, or a letter, which is the most common form of recognition. Letters should describe the location and events of the incident along with the firefighter's name.

In all cases, the employee and supervisor are made aware of the outstanding performance and a copy of the recognition is placed in the employee's personnel file.

If you want to commend a firefighter for a job well done, please contact Assistant Fire Chief Pat O'Neill at 678-474-3364 or email . If possible, please have ready the name of the firefighter, date, time and type of incident, if possible.

You may also contact him in writing at:

Johns Creek Fire Department
10205 Medlock Bridge Parkway
Johns Creek, GA 30097
Attn:  Commendations

JCFD in action at house fire


The Johns Creek Fire Department is dedicated to providing its citizens with effective and professional life safety and fire protection services. A positive relationship between the Fire Department and the public, fostered by trust and confidence, is essential to the provision of such services.

The Department has instituted provisions for prompt receipt, investigation and disposition of complaints regarding the conduct of its members. Please note that you may remain anonymous when filing a complaint.

Your valid concerns and criticisms help us protect the community from possible misconduct by employees. At the same time, a thorough and impartial investigation procedure helps protect employees from unwarranted charges when they perform their duties properly.

You may file a complaint against a member of the Johns Creek Fire Department by contacting the Battalion Commander in one of the following ways:

  • In person, during regular business hours, at Battalion Headquarters, 10205 Medlock Bridge Parkway, Johns Creek, Georgia 30097.
  • Via email at .
  • Via phone at 678-474-1641 during regular business hours.


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