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Value of Our Schools  

The 19 Fulton County public elementary, middle and high schools which serve the residents of Johns Creek are the backbone of the community. They are one of the main reasons people choose to live here to raise their families and educate their children.

The value placed by parents, teachers, students and the community on these public schools cannot be overstated. Instilling excellence in academics, the arts and athletics is each school's mission, with the goal of providing every student the opportunity for success throughout school and beyond. See the recognition, awards and college placement success these schools have achieved.

Johns Creek's public schools are diverse in their student population, academic offerings and extra-curricular activities. From Special Needs programs to environmental awareness classes to advanced math distance learning labs with the Georgia Institute of Technology, the opportunities to learn and grow are boundless.

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Within a 5-15 mile radius of Johns Creek are four Fulton County public charter schools providing additional education options for Johns Creek residents:

The Fulton County School System also offers a High School Virtual Campus, providing flexibility in scheduling with online courses that can be taken anytime, anyplace and at any pace.


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