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Mobile Maps

mobile phone iconMobile versions of the interactive desktop maps can be accessed through the mobile phone icon on home or going to http://gis.johnscreekga.gov/maps.

Within a map, you can pan to a location, tap on it and launch your directions application.

mobile maps menu
Locate function

To find where you are, tap the "Locate" crosshairs button to enable GPS
and draw your location point.

Legend & Information pop-up

Tap on the "Tools" button, then "Legend" to find out what a symbol means.
Tap a symbol to display a pop-up with more information about a location.


iPhone, iPad, iPod Shortcut

On any iPhone, iPod, or iPad a popup message will display for 10 seconds to create a map shortcut on your home screen (see illustrations below). If you do not want a shortcut, simply ignore or close this message.

i-device bookmark