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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) 

GIS data layersGIS collects and analyzes geographic data, and distills it into maps, charts and reports that help strategically guide City planning and development.

GIS data is integrated throughout all City services. All types of data are collected: from aerial imagery, roads, trails, sidewalks, streets, creeks, streams, rivers, lakes, detentions ponds, elevations and land usage, to land parcel and voter registration/precinct data from Fulton County.

Some examples of how this data helps serve the community:

  • ChattComm dispatches E911 services to citizens using the address, street centerline, and police and fire response zones.

  • Community Development tracks zoning, land use and parcel ownership for citizen and developer requests.

  • Public Works directs inspections of storm water assets to help prevent flooding during storms and meet Georgia DNR-EPD reporting requirements.

  • Police map special events to visualize/mitigate potential negative impacts on traffic.

How do I obtain Johns Creek GIS maps and/or data?

Several Web-based applications are provided to interact with the City's most recent GIS data and do not require any special GIS software. These include:

An open records request can be submitted to request a digital copy of the data. Note that a GIS Data Disclaimer must also be filled out and returned to the City before this data can be released.