City of Johns Creek, Georgia January 2013
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Dear residents,
As we enter a new year, please keep these 10 crime prevention tips in mind:
  1. Always make it look like someone is home; use exterior lights at night
  2. Make sure your home alarm is working and use it
  3. Have a generic phone message that does not include your name
  4. Lock all jewelry in a secure and hidden safe
  5. Keep a list of all serial numbers of your electronics & pictures of jewelry & other valuables
  6. Keep all entry/exit doors locked
  7. Never let an unscheduled stranger in your home
  8. If a stranger is at your door, make sure it's not a distraction for another person entering another way
  9. Never leave anything of value in your vehicle; if you must, lock it in the trunk
  10. Keep your keys in your hand when walking to your vehicle; do not unlock it until you are at it; lock doors immediately once inside
Officer Mark Johnson
Community Services
National Stalking Awareness Month
Stalking. Know it. Name it. Stop it.
During National Stalking Awareness Month, the JCPD suggests that you educate yourself, family and friends about stalking.
Stalking is a pattern of unwanted contact that causes victims to fear for their safety or the safety of family members. It can include implied or explicit threats; harassment; or nonconsensual communication through phone calls, text messages, or emails. The perpetrator is usually someone the victim knows.
Stalking behaviors may appear innocuous to outside observers, but victims often endure intense physical and emotional distress that affects every aspect of their lives. Many feel forced to move, or change jobs. Tragically, stalking tends to escalate over time, and it is sometimes followed by sexual assault or homicide.
Annual Internal Affairs Investigations Summary
JCPD 2011 Annual Report

The Johns Creek Police Department's Office of Professional Standards completes an annual statistical summary of Internal Affairs Investigations.
This information is available to the public. You can download a copy of the current Annual Report here. Hard copies are also available in the lobby of JCPD headquarters.
Take the "Polar Plunge" and help Special Olympics
Special Olympics Polar Plunge polar bear

Be cool and join us Saturday, Feb. 16 at Lake Lanier Islands for Special Olympics Georgia's annual "Polar Plunge."
The JCPD is collecting pledges from the community in exchange for the opportunity to jump into the lake's icy waters in the middle of winter! Anyone with a little guts and a warm heart is welcome to participate with us. Prizes awarded for best costume, highest fundraiser, etc.
Pledge here. All donations go to Special Olympics Georgia. Call 678-474-1580 for more information.
Crime & traffic information for last month
Crime Stats
Total calls for service
Total arrests
Total car break-ins
Total burglaries
Traffic accidents

Top 5 intersections for accidents:
1. Medlock Bridge & State Bridge (9)
2. Medlock Bridge & Medlock Crossing (8)
3. Medlock Bridge & Abbots Bridge (4)
4. Medlock Bridge & Parsons (4)
5. State Bridge & Medlock Crossing (4)
Most accidents were caused by following too closely and occurred on Wednesday evenings (6-8 p.m.) in clear weather. 24% reported injuries; there were no fatalities.
Burglaries (11):  Cameron Woods, Kensington Oaks, Rivermont Colony (2), Ashlee Oaks, Glenhurst Pass, Cambridge, Woodland Hills, South Falcon Bluff, The Falls of Autry Mill and Country Club of the South.
Car break-ins (19):  9101 Barnwell Road (3), 10845 Medlock Bridge Road, The Enclave at Foxdale, 9945 Jones Bridge Road, Rivermont Village, North Eagles Bluff, The Falls of Autry Mill, Colony Glen, 9700 Medlock Bridge Road, Jones Bridge Plantation, Mount View, Country Club of the South, Fairway Ridge, Valais Court, 5945 State Bridge Road, and 11720 Medlock Bridge Road.

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