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Johns Creek Veterans Association 

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The JCVA has embarked on a plan to build a meditative memorial to veterans in a quiet, unused portion of Newtown Park. Fundraising is underway (no tax dollars will be used).

Golf Tournament Fundraiser 6/1/2015:  Flyer | Entry Form

Please support this effort! Donations of any size are welcome – for the walkway, monuments, park benches, entrance plaza, gazebo, and engraved pavers – using the method you prefer:

artist rendering of Veterans Memorial Walkpaver examples

The JCVA invites veterans of any branch of the U.S. military who reside in or near Johns Creek to join the Johns Creek Veterans Association, a non-profit service and social organization.

As determined by its membership, the JCVA provides events, programs, and activities tailored to the interests of military men and women. Although based at Park Place, the JCVA is run by its members with the City providing logistical support.

Park Place at Newtown School (just inside Newtown Park)
3125 Old Alabama Rd, Johns Creek, GA 30022 (get directions)

Meeting Schedule

The JCVA meets at 6 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month. All meetings start with a grilled dinner and socializing for an hour or so. A 30-40 minute business meeting follows to discuss current activities, and then the meeting goes back to socializing. Maximum time is spent interacting with fellow veterans.

Also see:  JCVA Meeting Calendar


  • Veterans Memorial Walk at Newtown Park:  The JCVA dedicated Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk with a flag raising ceremony on Nov. 7, 2014. The Phase II activities in 2015 will include:

    • Installing more landscaping aimed at making the Walk "a Park within a Park," a serene and perfect venue for reflecting upon and honoring the sacrifices of our veterans and those men and women still serving... our future veterans.
    • Installing a state of the art lighting system.
    • Installing a digital Self-Touring Program for visitors to use on their personal devices (e.g., smart phone, etc.).
    • Installing a Paver Locator System.
    • Instituting a Veterans Tour Guide Program providing free educational, veteran-led guided tours of the Walk.
  • Veteran Outreach
  • Social Events:  The JCVA has two social events each month that vary from lunches at local restaurants, shooting at local ranges, road trips to local attractions, etc.

care packages for Afghan troops


  • President:  Michael Mizell
  • Vice President:  Grant Hickey
  • Secretary:  Mike Nall
  • Treasurer:  Barry Stinson

Committee Chairs

  • Assets:  
  • Communications:  David Vargas
  • Community Outreach / Social:
  • History Project Director: Mike Roman
  • Membership:  Jerry Tiarsmith
  • Veteran Relations / Support:  Mike Kotler
  • Veterans Memorial Walk:  Robby Newton


  • Service Officer:  Gil Bartman
  • Chaplain:  Pastor Mark Beatty