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Johns Creek welcomes new businesses to the community. City staff strive to fully support all businesses as they follow the City's principal business regulations.

Those regulations are outlined in the City Code, Zoning and Comprehensive Plan 2030.

If you are building or remodeling a business facility, the City's Community Development department will work with you to ensure building, land development and zoning regulations are fairly administered, and consistent with the policies and goals established by the City Council and adopted Comprehensive Plan 2030.

As noted in Chapter 22 of the City Code, businesses in the City must hold a Business Tax Certificate.

In accordance with Chapter 6 of the City Code, all businesses located within the City that sell alcoholic beverages (retail, wholesale or consumption on the premises) must have a valid City of Johns Creek Alcohol License.

A volunteer, citizen-staffed Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals and Construction Board of Appeals assist in the function of the government of the City of Johns Creek.

can answer questions regarding Comprehensive Plan 2030, the Zoning Ordinance or building, planning and zoning and land development.

The is available for questions regarding the City Code. Any questions regarding business and alcohol licenses can be answered by the office.

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Each of these departments can be reached by calling 678-512-3200 or in person at Johns Creek City Hall, 12000 Findley Road, Suite 400, Johns Creek, GA 30097-1412. City Hall is open Monday-Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm.