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Ordinances & Resolutions

The ordinances of Johns Creek, Georgia, are the laws enacted by the City Council for the purpose of conducting the affairs of the City. For example, ordinances include rules and regulations regarding zoning, building, alcoholic beverages, taxes and budgets.

They are codified on a quarterly basis and incorporated into the overall City Code. Those awaiting codification are listed here.

Ordinances to be Codified

O2014-06-23, approved 6/23/2014: amended Sign Ordinance 
Approved 01/26/2016: Recent Zoning Ordinance text amendment 


The Johns Creek City Council regularly adopts resolutions – written motions – as it conducts its business as the legislative authority of the City.

The substance of the resolution can be anything that can normally be proposed as a motion (a formal step to introduce a matter for consideration by a group.)

Resolutions are public records. Copies can be obtained by completing a Request for Public Records or contacting the City Clerk's Office.