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City Charter  

Johns Creek was incorporated as a Georgia municipality on December 1, 2006, following a July 18, 2006 voter referendum and successful passage of state legislation House Bill 1321, which established the City and its Charter.

The City Charter provides the City's:

  • incorporation, boundaries, and powers;
  • a governing authority of such city and the powers, duties, authority, election, terms, method of filling vacancies, compensation, qualifications, prohibitions, and removal from office relative to members of such governing authority;
  • inquiries and investigations;
  • organization and procedures;
  • ordinances and codes;
  • offices of mayor and city manager and certain duties and powers relative to those offices;
  • administrative responsibilities;
  • boards, commissions, and authorities;
  • a city attorney, a city clerk, a city tax collector, a city accountant, and other personnel;
  • rules and regulations;
  • a municipal court and the judge or judges thereof;
  • practices and procedures;
  • taxation and fees franchises, service charges, and assessments;
    Georgia Governor Perdue signs bill incorporating Johns Creek
    Gov. Sonny Perdue signs
    HB 1321 while Rep. Mark
    Burkhalter and Council member
    Karen Richardson observe.
  • bonded and other indebtedness;
  • accounting and budgeting;
  • purchases;
  • the sale of property;
  • bonds for officials;
  • eminent domain;
  • penalties;
  • definitions and construction;
  • other matters relative to the foregoing;
  • a referendum;
  • effective dates;
  • transition of powers and duties;
  • directory nature of dates;
  • a charter commission;
  • severability;
  • to repeal conflicting laws;
  • and for other purposes.

Refer to the codified City Charter and Related Laws at Municode.com for more information.