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Mission, Vision & Values* 

Vision 2023

Johns Creek is a friendly, residential community that becomes the residents' hometown. Johns Creek residents are safe, have easy movement within the city and enjoy a range of choices for their leisure time. Johns Creek has an alive town center and a vibrant business community.


The mission of Johns Creek city government is to provide responsive, excellent municipal services, well-designed, well-maintained infrastructure, and advocacy for the community in an efficient, cost-effective manner adding value to residents' lives.

Core Beliefs

We take:
  • P rofessionalism
  • R esults
  • I ntegrity
  • D edication
  • E mpathy
in service

Goals 2013

  • Improve transportation system
  • Provide excellent services in an efficient, cost-effective manner
  • Expand business opportunities and local economy
  • Build our community and pride
  • Develop leisure, recreation and arts opportunities
* As established by the City Council in 2008.