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Fulton County  

Johns Creek is located in District 1 of Fulton County, which provides a number of services to our residents:Fulton County District 1

Fulton County is governed by a 7-member Board of Commissioners, which establishes policies for the health and welfare of county residents; adopts an annual budget for county government operations; authorizes bond referenda; and enacts plans for county growth and development.

Six commissioners are elected by geographic district and the chairman is elected countywide. Johns Creek is part of District 1, which is located in northeast Fulton and includes Johns Creek and portions of the cities of Alpharetta, Roswell and Sandy Springs east of Georgia 400. 

Commissioner Liz Hausmann
Commissioner Liz Hausmann, a Johns Creek resident, represents District 1.

Phone: 404-612-8213 or 404-612-1792
Email: Liz.Hausmann@FultonCountyGA.gov

Animal Control

Fulton County Animal Services, managed by LifeLine Animal Project, provides animal care and control to Johns Creek. It investigates cruelty and neglect and picks up stray or lost animals. It also shelters and cares for animals at its headquarters at 860 Marietta Boulevard in Atlanta.

Phone: 404-613-0358

LifeLine Animal Project Animal Control


Emergency Management

The Atlanta-Fulton County Emergency Management Agency coordinates policies and procedures for execution of all major emergency and disaster operations in Fulton County, including Johns Creek.

AFCEMA plans, organizes, and prepares for saving lives, protection of property, and recovery from the effects of an emergency, disaster or catastrophe.

Phone: 404-730-5600

Fulton County Emergency Management Agency

Health & Wellness

Fulton County Health & Wellness provides preventive care and treatment programs in the following areas:

  • Chronic disease prevention
  • Communicable disease & immunizations
  • Emergency medical & nursing services
  • Environmental health
  • Family planning
  • Health (all ages)
  • Nutrition & food safety
  • Pest control

It encompasses both the Board of Health and the Vital Records Office (birth and death certificates).

Phone: 404-730-1211

Fulton County Health & Wellness

State Court of Fulton County

The State Court of Fulton County tries criminal cases below the grade of felony and all civil actions regardless of the amount.

It has jurisdiction over traffic cases, ordinance/code violations, jail/warrant first-appearance proceedings, landlord-tenant cases and small-claim actions of $15,000 or less. The Office of the Jury Clerk is also part of the State Court of Fulton County, administering requests to report for duty, exemptions and postponements.

Phone: 404-730-5000

State Court of Fulton County

Superior Court

The Fulton County Superior Court performs a wide range of record keeping, information management and financial management functions. This includes filing/recording all documents related to real estate and personal property transactions in the county, and filing/maintaining criminal, civil and domestic suit dockets.

Phone: 404-613-5313, 404-613-5314

Fulton County Superior Court

Property Assessments

The Fulton County Board of Assessors determines the fair market value of all real and personal property in the county for property tax purposes, and prepares the annual property tax digests. This includes providing property owners the opportunity to take advantage of homestead exemptions and special assessment laws to reduce their tax burden.

Phone: 404-612-6440

Fulton County

Property Taxes

The Fulton County Tax Commissioner is responsible for the collection of property taxes, motor vehicle ad valorem taxes, tag and title fees, and transfer fees. It is also responsible for billing and collection of delinquent real estate and personal property taxes, including tax sales (foreclosures).

Phone: 404-730-4000

Fulton County