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STOP Program

STOP (Solicitor. Teen. Officer. Parent.) is a teen safe driving program designed by the Police Department and Municipal Court to reduce the number of teen traffic accidents and repeat teen violators in Johns Creek (see brochure).

STOP ProgramThe program has both Mandatory (Driver Intervention) and Voluntary modules.

Teen violators (17-20 years old) may be ordered by the City Solicitor or Municipal Judge to participate in the Mandatory Module.

Mandatory (Driver Intervention) Module 

The City Solicitor or Municipal Judge orders a violator to attend a STOP class. (They may also order the violator to complete other items, such as community service and defensive driving courses, as part of their sentence or Solicitor's Pre-Trial Intervention.)

The STOP class lasts approximately two hours and is offered once a month in the Johns Creek Municipal Courtroom, 11445 Johns Creek Parkway (map). It consists of input from a Johns Creek judge, police officer and solicitor.

Parents are strongly encouraged to attend with their teens.

Pre-registration is required using the online STOP Class form. 

Voluntary Module 

If interested in the STOP Voluntary Module, see the Municipal Court calendar for class dates, and complete the online STOP Class registration form.

Parents may also voluntarily register any motor vehicle that will be driven by a family member under the age of 21 with the Johns Creek Police Department. Enter your teen driver, car and contact information on the online STOP Vehicle registration form. Or, you can pick-up a registration form at the Johns Creek Police Department, or call Community Services at 678-512-3444 for more information.

A decal is issued for each registered vehicle, to be placed in the upper left corner of the rear window. If for any reason the registered vehicle is stopped by a Johns Creek police officer while being operated by a driver under the age of 21, the officer will complete a notification form (time and location of stop; driver's name and number of passengers; reason for the stop; whether any traffic citations were issued). 

Parents will receive an email notification, making them aware of potential problems and enabling them to enforce any parental rules that coexist with their teen's driving privileges.